Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Big wheels keep on turning.

Alright, so the real owner of the Crossmax's will be getting them soon. They are in the possession of the soon to be grandpa.

Mean while, I started with my new Bontrager 29'er X-lite tubeless wheels. Dang they are nice. Just got one pair set up and ready to rock. For those that don't know, the tubeless wheels are a tad lighter, but offer much lower rolling resistance (and less chance of flats). That is good. That is also the same reason Shimano and Hutchison are making a road tubeless system now as well.
What is a 29'er? Only the best kinda mountain bike. Check'em out here and here.
Otherwise, this week is a rest week. I am taking that to the extreme right now. Saturday marks my second "test". I am sure to have a regurgitation bucket near by.
Also, I have to set up my race schedule soon. I know which race will be tops on my list.

Sounds like the Velorochester boys will be their to go after the stars and stripes in the team event as well.

What is that smell? Smells like fear...of work.

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