Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Hey y'all.

Oh this last week was fun. It was a "rest" week. Along with that I attended the usual parties with girls making out in the hallway and people with lampshades on their heads (a reference to the best show ever made).

I got some good news. A double secret agent in the Trek organization was able to sneek out a pair of the new 29'er x-lite tubeless wheels. These things are going to be hot and as of right now they are very scarce. Oh goody, goody. I'll give you pics when they come.

So someone seems to have broken into my house and taken pics of me on my trainer. Yes, a police report and restraining order are being processed. In the mean time I caught that same guy on a top secret training ride OUTSIDE. he is always saying that 26" wheels accelerate faster. At least I think that is what he says cause all I hear is blah, blah, blah, and where are my crossmax's? Well he has taking the small wheel thing to the extreme with this bootleg copy of his last ride. BTW, nice flooties dude.

Still gotta show pics of my sweet new road bike. My baby's momma has a marathon in AZ next weekend where I'll get to break in the new ride over many miles of (hopefully) smooth pavement. 5 days in the sun...YES!

Did I mention there is some snow on the ground finally?

New Years is over, so get back to work.

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