Friday, January 19, 2007

Culprit identified.

Yeah, it didn't take to long to figure out who had been posting here under my name. Turns out the Godfather (Matt the owner of the shop) has a key logger on the computers at work. From there he got my e-mail password, which was the same as my password here. Then he thought he would play a joke on me. Oh well, the ACLU didn't think it was funny (they'll be in touch). I suppose I can't blame Matt, it all stems from his childhood. This is a pic from his 5th birthday. His parents didn't believe in parties or cake. So sad, so sad.
I do owe some reprisals now because the folks at work thought it would be funny to put a bunch of my stuff in Jello, ala The Office. Maybe I'll poo in brownies and feed it to them. That's fair isn't it?

On another note I can't find the cord to upload the pictures from the trip.
I lifted last night, and now I am jumping on the trainer. It is like 10 degrees out. Brrrrr!
Work is calling, will you answer the phone?

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