Monday, January 22, 2007

Winter training camp. Day 1.

Alright, time for some pics from the "winter training camp".

I got to bed at 1am and was out the door at 8am in Phoenix to ride the new hot rod. I had the Bartlett Lake route planned thanks to a poster on Road Bike Review.
Here it is. The 2007 Trek Madone 5.9SL (oh and the rental Chevy Colbalt). Geared up with some tools, bottles, and the heart rate moniter.

After a 2-3 mile flat warm-up I took a right and climbed this gradual hill for about 9 miles.

Yes, Arizona has cactus. And yes, they have to be told not to shoot their guns everywhere.

This was a 5-6 mile downhill to the lake/turn around point below.

At the bottom of the hill I stopped to answer the call of nature and take a neat pic. This bike is sooo much fun. The lake is to the right (out of picture). I then turned around and climbed back up the 5-6 mile hill on the left (again, out of picture).

The lame look at me shot as I climbed, and climbed.

Stopped at the Ranger Station to refill the bottles. It was about 60-65 degrees that day. It would prove to be the warmest day while we were there (by far).

Take a look at the second pic in the series. I got to draft behind a garbage truck the whole way down. I don't know the speed I was going, but the speed limit was 50mph. It made that downhill go by FAST!

Ended the day with 3 hours of bike time. I guess this out and back has about 4000 feet of climbing in 55 miles.

I am going to shower and go to work now. Gotta smell good for the ladies ya know.


Anonymous said... sounds like this trip to AZ was all about you. What was your wife doing during this time? Was my marathon time not good enough to post?

Charly Tri said...

Hey Numbnut,

This was day one (see title). Did you run the marathon the first day there? No. You sat around the pool and tanned. Yeah, that sounds entertaining.