Monday, October 02, 2006

Good and bad (Again).

Come on, your work is suffering. You gotta stop coming here.

Alright, I had built the deck and now it was time to take that intense training to the cross race. Headed up in the morning with the Carey's. Mark was racing with me and Erin was there for emotional support (and to do girl talk with my wife).

Mark wore a shirt that said "Tri Crossing". That's right, I was about to be "crossing".

Here is the 40+ strong field. Where is Mark and I?

We got to the start line late, so lucky me I was bringing up the rear (no jokes please). Mark was just in front of me.

Well, the course takes you around a cinder track, then through grass for 70 yard. After that you get guided through a section of a volley ball court that has 12 inches of sand. Then there was more grass, some barriers, gravel road, single track with a set of barriers, gravel road, grass, and a run up before hopping back on the cinder track.

My race started 5 seconds after the front guys got going. I immediately started passing people on the outside and ended up 2nd off the track. But remember, if you ain't first your last! So that is what I did. I moved into 1st and charged into the sand. The A riders were mostly riding this section, although not well. About 3/4 through it my tire went awry and and endo'd HARD. I heard a collective "Ohhhh" from the crowd. Mark didn't see it, but he heard me go down. I got out of the pit in 3rd, but I got the wind knocked out of me and the power had left my legs. I dropped fast. After settling in about 20th place I could see Mark doing well in the top 5. 3 laps into it I started feeling better again and making moves. I kept this up and was hopeing the race would not end soon as I was moving up. After several laps of this, Becky yelled to me that if I could pass the group of 4 that had 50 yards on me then I would move into 5th. I had 3 laps left to do this. On that 3rd lap I tried to catch the quartet with out blowing. With 1 1/2 laps I caught them. On the run up to end that lap I passed them and hammered to form a gap. I was able to hold them off, and come close to bridging 3rd and 4th as well. Well, I was not 1st, so yes, I was last. But, I could have been MORE last. Mark ended in a strong 2nd.

This is me on a barrier section, passing one of the guys in "the group of 4".

Mark "I really am a Triathalon guy" Carey bringing in 2nd place.

This is 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th place with a 1 1/4 to go. I had just caught them 1/2 lap earlier (me in the back).


This is me making the move back into the top 5.

Our own personnal podium girls. Erin on the left (Mark's property) and Becky on the right (my property). Yes, they are wearing huge sunglasses!

P.S. I had sand EVERYWHERE after that crash. I was brushing it off all day!

Now get back to work!

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