Saturday, September 30, 2006

Top Secret Cross Training.

Pause your life for updates on mine.

Well, cross racing is a different beast. You don't know if you are riding a bike, running, or just got left out in the cold. It is a very different style of racing then anything else.

Should you train your body by running?
Should you train your body by biking?
Some hybred of the 2?

Many riders will use these methodologies. What they don't realize is your not going to acheive your full potential by doing this!! The only way you can acheive maxium speed in cross is by working on a deck and landscaping! That is what I plan on doing to prep myself for tommorrow's big day.

You also need a "look" to psych out the competition. This will be my look tommorrow. I hope I can tie in all of the training to make for a sweet race. I have been extremely tired lately, but not tired enough to go hard for 45 minutes (in more ways than one).

Anyone is welcome in on my training today. It will do more for you then reading this thing.

O.K., you can resume your life again.


Anonymous said...

In that first picture are you peeing?!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe practicing your use of the wizenator?