Thursday, September 21, 2006

Background Part 2

Did ya read part 1. Well, scroll down and read it. It is obvious you have nothing better to do at work. Let's see...

After "Honest Bike Shop" I made the switch to Rochester Cycling and Fitness across town. The environment there was much more what I was looking for. I did that in 1996 and then went to college that fall. College was awesome. UW-LaCrosse was a great school, the town was a blast, and the riding is amazing. The freshman year I discovered the joys of intoxication many times over. I also gained 20 pds. I would return that summer to Rochester to work at the shop, but after that I was in LaCrosse until I graduated in 2000. While in LaCrosse I got a job at Smith's Cycling and Fitness. Those guys are a blast.

During my sophmore year I also met my "soulmate", although it would take awhile for us to relax in a hottub together. We hit it off right away, and despite the restraining orders, we have been at each others side. Except, she lived in AZ during my last semester. Long distance relationships are very hard, but they can work.

I'll answer the rest of those questions from part 1 later, but I have to go work on my deck.

Here is a picture of my wife and I last year for Halloween.
I'm on the right.

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