Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Background Part 4 and counting

Alright, this is part 4. When you boss isn't looking scoll back for parts 1-3.

First, it has been brought to my attention that my spelling is not always 100%, or theat grammtically that I am not as perfect as a 7th grade English teacher (thanks Becky). This next section is devoted to my caring about it
i want to apalagise too everi1 abowt howe eye spel+ sumtymes it no good\
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There, caring off.

So, the last several years have been lackluster because of work and lack of motivation. However, in that time I discovered results (and a blogs) of people I used to race against and frequently beat. They were doing well, so why couldn't I? This last winter I finally sat down and read the "Cyclist's Training Bible" by Joe Friel. It helped me lay down a road map for my winter and spring. I susbsequently dropped 20 pounds and was riding much stronger. When I lived in La Crosse I had become a respectable climber, but had last it all since then. This spring I was climbing well again, and I had good power. My results this year have also improved dramtically. I will be blogging my races here from this year so you can see how I did, but off the top of my head I can count 5 races that I outright won. Heck, that ain't bad.

Next year, I hope to improve on that. I maybe signing on with "Off the Front" coaching. Mark Consugar is the only coach that I met here in MN that is worth it for me to work with. We are in discussion phase right now, but in the mean time you can check out his blog www.pinch-flats.blogspot.com. I got to tell you his blog on what music was in his I-pod was riveting. I still go back to read that twice a day.

So Becky and I went rowing after her marathon. She understood that I may have been tired from relentlessly giving her water and food, so she took over the work. This picture was taken by a one legged albino that we keep in the trunk of our car.


MBCSugar said...

Oh, where to begin on this post? If you think last week's music review was riveting, wait until you catch THIS weeks...! I's all about sounds in the key of "HEAVY CHARLY"!!! :-D


Wojciech Roszkowski said...

Great article. Thank You