Thursday, September 28, 2006

Are you running 2 screens on your computer right now so when the boss comes by you can click to the other one and make it look like you are not screwing around? Yeah, that's what I thought.

It is an odd feeling when you wake up in the morning and you feel drunk. I am having a hard time this morning. Maybe it was from scrapping wallpaper last night? Maybe I am dehydrated? Maybe it was from drinking gin and juice with Snoop Dog all last night?

Becky and I are set to close on our 3rd rental property with a friend of mine from the shop (yes, yes, we are slumlords. No, we did not read Carlton Sheet's books or Trump's). He has let us almost assume ownership even before closing (chose the tenets, make small improvements, but he is still getting the rent). Well, the wallpaper in the kitchen and hallway of the 2 bedroom unit was ugly and stained heavily with smoke (which we do not allow). We are taking it all off and painting instead. It will make the place much more attractive for when we try to rent it out next (we have a tenet moving in Friday).

I am hoping to make it out to practice run ups on Friday, and then maybe hit a cross race on Sun, but I don't know if the pieces will fall like that. I got the itch for pain!! I am also trying to figure out the bike situation for next year's enduro season!

Like I said yesterday, I ran across a link to a home movie from my past. It show me as a little kid with my dad and the rest of my family. I am the smiley one.

Click and enjoy. There is audio as well, so watch out for the boss!!


Charly Tri said...

Charly, this is your best post yet!!

Anonymous said...

Charly, will you father my children?

Anonymous said...

Can you post picks of your pecks?

Anonymous said...

Maybe the whole headache/hangover feeling would not occurred if you had not eaten the paint chips.

MBCSugar said...

I can't count the many ways this is disturbing and wrong... Spooky, too!!!!