Saturday, September 23, 2006

Hey go spend time with your family, don't waste time here. No? Alright, read on.

I'm in a hurry to leave Rochester so you'll have to suffer. Becky is doing her 4th marathon this Sunday in Omaha and we are in a hurry to get there today.

Remember when I said I was watching my tummy grow at my previous occupation. Well, entertain yourself with someone is is blogging that same phenomenon.

Also, I have free cats for those that are interested, here is a pic. As you can see I only have one left and he is not very lively. It is great for people who may be older and not have a lot of energy to entertain a cat. It doesn't eat much. I can't figure out where it goes to the bathroom, but it hasn't been using the litter box in a long time. I can ship it anywhere in the US if you want.

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