Monday, October 30, 2006

Cross Training

So the wife runs, her friends she meets run, and I don't. Well the winds of change are a foot (pun intended). No is the time of the year where one wants to get off the bike, but still be active.

My running in the past consisted of "the mile" in gym class and getting chased by the po-po. Well, Becky and I were planning on taking me running when her friend Erin calls to go running as well. Becky lets her know the plan for that night and Erin invited her self over, with her husband Mark, 2 dogs, to run with us, eat our food, drink our beer, watch our tapes, and eat our cookies.

A good time was had by all. Nina gets a little skiddish sometimes with the 2 bigger dogs in the house, but no problems.

Erin, are you alright?

From left top:
Mark, Erin, Becky, and Me.

From left bottom:
Emma, Greylee, Nina

This boxing match was lopsided. Greylee's reach far exceeded Nina's. Nina was hungry for the win (notice the snarled lips), but it went to the scorecards. Graylee won.

We ended with 4 miles ran, 2 episodes of "The Office" watched, Curry Chicken consumed, and many cookies devoured. Running is alright, but it is not biking.

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