Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Another race recap

Find some time in your day to hide from the boss and read this recap.

I decided to recap the Steeplechase cross country race I did instead of the full 24 hour race. Figured I would go in sequence. This was the weekend after my big victory in th 12 hour race, News Updates on Jo Mama: Just getting started....

Many years ago I raced Expert, but since then they added a new catagory just below that called Comp. Well, I did one of these last year and took my fat ass straight to DNF row ( I am 20 pounds lighter now). I decided to enter the same field again at this race considering my previous endeavor and the fact that many of my previous Expert rivals were now in Comp as well. The race started off with a 3/4 mile prologue before dumping you off right into the singletrack. My goal was to get to the singletrack in the top 3 as not to be bogged down. With 30 seconds to go I pulled up to the back of the field from my shaded hiding spot (it was hot that day). The "gun" went off and I instantly started working my way up the side of the peloton. By the first of four rises I was up in the top 5. At the bottom of the second rise there was one rider in front of me. Then I thought, "what would Jo Mama do?". That is when I passed the dude in front and charged ahead, leading the field. When I came to the fourth rise I looked back and saw I had a big gap. I built that to 15 seconds going into the singletrack. From there I just went into time trial mode. I started to pass the tail end of the Experts half way through the first lap. That was how the rest of my race went. Giving it what I had and passing Expert racers. Except for some skinny bald guy screaming, "go faster pussy!", each lap was like the other. I won the overall race by 5 minutes and by 10 minutes in my age group. It was mentally easy going hard that 1 1/2 hours after riding 11 1/4 the previous weekend. Special thanks to Gary Moore for the bottles, Ben for the celebratory cookie, everyone in the Comp class for going slower than me, and the Linda for showing me her new grill. And yes, several people already called me a sand bagger already.

Here is a pick of that 4th property I am looking at. Of course the front needs some work. Those cement pylons have got to go. Doing that will increase the value temondously on that place.

Now go play work.

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