Tuesday, October 03, 2006

WARNING: Don't come unannounced to my house!

Try to tell your boss that you are using this site as a way to expand future revenue sources for the company. That is why you look at it everyday.

Well, it started yesterday morning and continues today. I hurt. My rib cage and upper back are feeling the effects of "blunt force trauma". If you did read yesterday, I was assaulted by the cyclocross course. It hurts to laugh, stand, break dance, sit, cure cancer, lift, cough, pose naked, and breath. Other then that I don't notice the pain.

I forgot to hype up the fact that I plan on my first ever "Ride to the In-Laws" ride. I will leave Friday and travel on gravel roads, crushed rock trail, and pavement. I will be on pavement for about 1/2 of the time. How long is it? Oh not that long. Only about 250 miles to Oconomowoc, WI. I'll be there Sat morning after riding through the night. I will make sure to bring the camera. I may try to stop by and see some of the Velorochester and WOW crew that will be camping in Devil's Head, WI. I'll be stopping by late in to the night and waking their butt's up (then running like hell).

So, no cross practice for me tonight. The ribs could not handle it. Also, everyone would be embarassed by getting their butt's kicked by an injured rider ; )

Now get back to work!

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