Friday, October 13, 2006

Another day, another house.

Well, you pretend to work, and I'll take one more step in owning all of Rochester.

Today we close on our third house. It is a duplex that is fully rented out. It is all systems go at 4:00 today. You can see a pic of the house in a previous post.

I forgot to mention that Tues I went out to the cyclocross practice. I pulled up just as they were about to go, so the other 4 riders waited for me (MC Sugar, "Super" Mario, "Too Tall" Carl, and Gary "Mr. Energizer Bunny"). Sugardaddy ( led the group at a modest pace. The first lap took us a couple of minutes, so I thought that was a perfect warmup, ha! I went to the front the second lap and turned it up a notch. All of a sudden it was me and MC Sugar out alone. I could tell he was not maxed out and I couldn't push it too my max as I was coming down with something. We spent the next 5 laps building on our lead. I was in front at the end of our laps so I guess I won? Damn, I kick ass!

As soon as we stopped riding I got a HUGE headache. The next day I would go home sick. Aughh.

Thanks to Mark for waiting to drive out of the park while I got my stuff in the car. There was a big white truck that had pulled up next to me and I think he wanted to be a friend with benefits. Mark kept with in eye sight in case he had to intervene with his bulging biceps. Eastwood park is kinda creepy.

Me in the white jersey. The 24 hour flu in the blue.


Mark in the blue jersey. The guy in the white truck in the white jersey.


Me in the blue jersey. Mark in the white jersey during cross practice. Ha, ha, ha.

Seriously now, get to work!!


Anonymous said...

oh ya, the Slattery Park Slide gang, watch out for the hurricane slide. You're bad, you're bad.

Charly Tri said...


Anonymous said...

Dude, update your sidebar. You wouldn't see Trump forgeting to count his latest real estate acquisition. That's count 'em 3 rents in the Tri empire.
Felt and his gang of Slattery park miscreants can just park it before I get all corn tower South Siieeed on em.