Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Winter camping

With my riding up at the cabin I am now itching really bad to do some bike camping.  I told the wife I could have spent weeks up there just riding different areas.  So this Saturday is the plan.  J-No says he is a firm maybe.  I wouldn't mind figuring out a loop very close to Rochester and wooded as much as possible.  I have something in mind without hopping in the car, but I am thinking for maximum fun a very short car trip may be needed.  Suggestions welcome.  Fellow riders that won't be liabilities are welcome as well.

Tonight I worked on the wife's xmas present; a closet remodel.  I also took "the stick" and worked my legs hard.  My IT band is always tight and I rolled it, but I had a muscle on the inside of my thigh that was incredibly tight and painful and was pulling the kneecap over, causing my knee pain.  After a tough massage I was left with a bad limp on both sides the rest of the night.

Tomorrow I will try for the bike finish picture and such.

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