Monday, January 14, 2013

Proto fall down, ouch.

Yesterday I went out to scope out the Eastwood singletrack.  It was really iced over and dangerous as I expected.  On my way out there I went over a 100 yard section of crazy ice on one bike path near my house and then about a 1/2 mile of glare ice on the backside path of Quarry Hill.  On my way out I patted myself on the back for showing the ice who the boss was with no studs.  I only needed one stud I figured.  On the way back I was sketchy all over the Quarry Hill section and then went down hard on the shorter stretch near my house.  As I fell to the side my new pedals didn't allow me to clip out in time and my pogies made sure I couldn't quickly get a hand out.  Boom went the dynamite.  As with any crash, I made sure nothing was missing from me or the bike and set off as quickly as possible before my body could try to shut down.  The immediate concern was a did some serious damage to my elbow or hip.  As the day went on it turned out my left hip and shoulder were going to hurt the most.  Now I limp, now I wince when raising my left hand.  Pretty much my whole left side from hip to neck feels really beat up.  Ibuprofin and wincing, that will heal it.

And Proto?  It was just fine.

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rideonpurpose said...

I rode that section today as well- crazy icy! Insane how much it has changed since last week when I was calling it "ski trail".

Too bad it wasn't warm one more day before it refroze, there are still a lot of boot print kind of things on a lot of Eastwood.

Today I tried to ride the frozen teeter and went OTB right off the end before I realized what was happening.