Saturday, January 12, 2013

Splish splash, where's the snow? Plus, how much does it weigh?

With most of the snow gone and the temps back down in the teens I went out on Proto on the super heavy, super stiff tires to check out the snowmobile trail and maybe hit the gravel. The wind was wicked fast, my desire was to hide in the shelter of the trees lining the trail.

The trail was mostly dry with pockets of iced over puddles. I has fun busting up nature's skating rinks as I went down the trail.

I took Proto out in full Arrowhead dress.  I had a chance to throw it on a scale before 5 pounds of ice clung on.  Yes B.A., my bike was more than 5 pounds heavier as it sits in this picture.  In fact, it pushed towards being 20 pounds heavier.  Whoa Proto, you need to diet.

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