Friday, January 04, 2013

Dear 45 Nrth

Does taking a razor to my sole to get my cleat farther back void the warranty? Sometimes you gotta make things work for you.

Edit: I cut out more than I needed.  Also, found out that I can't bring the bolts as far back as a cut out as the back plate is hitting something inside the shoe.  No matter, I got what I needed.  I have always needed to shove my cleat back anyways.

For the record I normally ride a 44 shoe.  I have these in a 47 with extra insoles, a thick sock set up, and still plenty of room.  Definitely warmer than my old Lake set up.

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Unknown said...

You know most people that do a midfoot set-up end up moving their saddle forward and lower. Just because they can't bring their toe down as much in pedal stroke. I would be really curious how this works on a Fatbike. It almost makes more sense to me for this application than anything else.