Sunday, January 27, 2013

Proto, you ready for Arrowhead?

First, some thank you's and recognitions are in order. My wife is amazing. She is at home with our 2 rug rats while her parents help (thank you).

Thanks to 907 fatbikes. Awesome company, awesome people, great support.

Thanks to the crew at Rochester Cycling and putting up with me and my constant needs.

Thanks to the crew at Penn in Woodbury. You did me a huge favor and it won't soon be forgotten.

Thanks to my man servant, J-Palm, aka Juicy Peach. It is great to have company

We're about ready to go to the prerace meeting. J-No, Chocalate Moose and the fancy Giovani's missed you. I guess we are next door to Oatley. I plan to send a hooker to his room tonight. Tomorrow will be tough, tough, tough. My preride today had me full of doubts of even finishing. Such is nerves

Look for updates at under results.

Btw, what is better than a cool prototype frame? One with dropouts and the ability to be ridden. Eh B.A.

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