Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Proto can fly!

So it came to my attention from a loyal reader that I wasn't clear enough that I had won this last weekend.  Just to make it clear, I won.  I not only won, but I crushed the spirits of all who tried to get between me and the finish.  Plus, crossing the finish line the only other person that can be seen is a dog walker.  Add in I showed off a finish line celebration that will make Alberto Contador change over from his pistelero gun gestures.  I dominated like Lance at the Tour.  It was shameful the way I destroyed the egos of all who dared to toe the line with a masterful artisan fat bike dominator like myself.  All hail Charly, king of the "Get Fat with Pat" fatbike race.

There, was that clear enough?  This is a picture of me crossing the finish line with a little style.  We had about 1/2 mile of this road every lap. 
Picture viciously stolen from here.

Proto is now injured.  I found that my upper der pulley was badly cracked.  It fell apart when I simply touched it.  That could have been bad for Arrowhead.  Pulleys should be here tonight.  Then some more vroom vroom.


Ari said...

Tacx makes some very good pulleys and they dont cost an arm and leg. Congrats on winning. I hope you continue your streak.

Unknown said...

Does the coolness ever stop for you?

Charly Tri said...

That's a rhetorical question right, Bob?

Ari, I'll look into that next time. Ari, if I could extend my 1 race winning "streak" to this coming Monday I would be crazy happy.

Anonymous said...

Now that's a Charlie ' I won ' that I would expect. That will make Kickstarter jump,for joy.....

Unknown said...

Bam! See what I mean. Coolness oozes from you. Good luck racing.