Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Arrowhead 135, Tuscobia-This is what I eat.

So this blob I call my calorie bomb.  It is a modified version of Mike Curiak's pseudo famous cookie dough.  I added a whole bunch of stuff to keep the party going in my mouth and to aid performance.  Coconut, caramel balls, coffee grinds, and a few other ingredients were added.  There is one in there that I will keep secret unless someone can guess it.  Clue: it is easily visible, and no, it is not feces.

For Arrowhead and Tuscobia last year I used a similar mix, this one is more thought out.  I plan on carrying roughly 5,000 calories of this in my Revelate Gas Tank bag.  It is just one large blob shaped into the bag and placed in a cereal bag.  When needed I bite off chunks.  Along with this, I'll carry something salty like chips crushed in a bag.  There will always be aa good amount of EFS shot on board as that has done me very well in the past.  I start the race with everything I need to finish except for a water refill halfway through, no drop bags for me.

For the record, the body is feeling remarkably better from Sunday's body slam on the concrete.  The shoulder and back still hurt, the hip a little.  Last night's ride offered no hint of my previous crash, so all system's are go in that department.

I had hoped to race this weekend, there are about 5 or so options not terribly far from the house.  With ice compromising much of the trails I am electing to stay home and be healthy for Arrowhead the next week.  I have something there I want to accomplish.

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Anonymous said...

Bon Appetit Honky Boy! I will be cheering for you!