Thursday, April 01, 2010

Start'em young pt. 2

Quick, someone call social services!!!

As part of Abi's training I took her up and down the driveway once when I headed out for a ride. Well, now I can't leave without her whining for a quick trip down the block. Baby joined us. Note her big smile toward the beginning.

Last night I was accused of half wheeling on a group ride, on my mountain bike, by a person behind me, before the person on the front had even finished pulling off (the person pulling off thought he was joking). Huh? The guy that scolded me has ridden with me once before about 2 years ago. He showed up for a fast group road ride and complained the whole time about how he wanted it to be a recovery ride as he had ridden intervals the day before. Huh?

Everybody funny, now you funny too.



J-No said...

That video is wrong on so many levels. Good thing you thought to wear a helmet.

We missed you on Saturday. 4 hours from JP, BD, and myself. I need VR Captain's home email.

I hope the Easter Bunny was good to Abi and brought her a bike helmet.

Tell Becky hi.

Charly Tri said...

It is not as bad as it looks. Flat, straight street. The wind was coming at us so that is why all the noise. I was traveling at a very low rate. Blah, blah, blah. You should have seen the gap jump we went off of though!

She was perfectly safe.

Tell Shampoo hi.

J-No said...

I figured you were only going 15-16mph.

Charly Tri said...

More like 10-12 mph.

Tell the chickens I said hi.

BlueEyedBikinBabe said...

What J-No said.