Friday, April 09, 2010

More Carbon!!

I am extremely humbled by my bike query this year. This is the bike that I have been dreaming of before Gary Fisher even started the design work on it. The Superfly 100 knocks off a few pounds off the old Hi Fi from last year and is set to my main go to bike for all things off road.

Rode it for the first time last night and was reminded how the dial in process on full suspension bikes can take awhile. Maybe I am finicky, maybe not, but it took me several rides to dial in the Hi Fi and I am sure the same with this. So far though? Daddy likey. Daddy likey a lot.

The picture shows the Bontrager Rhythm Pro wheels, but most races will see the lighter XXX lite wheels get'n busy.

Now tomorrow is Ragnarok. Gravel, 105 miles worth. Last year went well for me, I hope for more of the same this year. The biggest hiccup at the moment is the fact I can't find my map case. The Superfly hardtail is chomping at the bit though.


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GSoroos said...

Dude, have a great ride.