Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Next up.

So this is the next race in the plans. April 24th-25th will be spent trying to cover 300+ miles of gravel as quickly as possible. This makes me think of motivation.

Now, with the race approaching I am doing all the things that I believe are needed to do well, however my motivation does not lie with these thoughts. Three times I have registered for Transiowa. The first I was out of shape for and made it 85 miles. The second saw an injury force me to miss the start. The third a mechanical took me out 50 miles in. I averaged about 45 miles in each race.

Fed up, I am out to conquer my demons. The more I think about the race, my past follies and the smell of competition are the only things that get my motor running. There is a strong possibility if the race concludes with me finishing I will not be back. With a race like the Transwisconsin out there, Iowa gravel has really lost any luster it had.

I will be riding in Iowa with these thoughts in my mind. Pissed off by my past the past, motivated for the finish. Along that journey I hope I get to ride with the same group of guys that I saw in Ragnarok and I hope they have the best of luck.

Everyone make like they're working.

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