Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ragnarok 105

Very quick summary. More to come.

Felt like crap this morning.
Start was fast.
Flatted 1 mile into it.
Chased back.
About six of us roll into the half point.
Hooked up with Charlie Farrow out of the halfpoint.
Gapped the rest of the field.
Thirty miles to go gapped Charlie.
Soloed the rest of the way for the win.


Richard said...

Awesome! Hope this is a glimpse of things to come this season. Good job!

Anonymous said...

What bike were you on? What tyres did you use?

J-No said...

I used to feel bad about getting dropped so hard on our Wabasha ride. I feel better knowing that everyone else would have been dropped too.

I'm curious on the tires as well. I was not happy with my Conti King Cross tires. They will be relegated to commuter use.

Anonymous said...

Congrats. I didn't expect that quick of turnaround at check point, my loss. Payed the price, had to solo following 5 sets of tracks for 40 miles, then 3 sets of tracks to the finish.

KOM game was fun. Especially when left with no line across the road at the top.

Larry Sauber