Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Happy Tuesday.

What should I ask for speaking fees now that I made it into the Star Tribune? Clinton gets something like $100,000. I bet I could beat him on a bike, so maybe $150,000? Would have been nice to see a picture of myself, but while they were snapping pics at the front, I was changing a flat at the back.

Tick, tock. Transiowa this weekend. Anxious. Last minute prep. Second guess this, triple guess that. Tick, tock.

Trying to figure out what the pain is just below the skin that started near the temple and is now approaching the top of my head. No marks or swelling, just a pain that is making it's way around my head. Webmd is no help.

I need to lace up the XR1's for the first time and rip around at Eastwood.

Abi is doing well.

The 69'er hardtail is getting wrapped up for it's trip to Louisiana.

Your boss is watching.

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jp said...

You can be jealous--I got my picture in the article twice!! Not that anyone knows it's me, besides me. It doesn't replace thae fact that you came back from the dead to school us old guys. JP