Thursday, April 30, 2009

I am like B. Rabbit in 8 mile.

Well, looks like there is a good chance that Transiowa is a go for me still, but I'll find out more this afternoon. Just got done talking to my Mother the RN about my pain below the skin, see previous post. It seems to follow a vein in my skull, but has no visual oddities. Her thought based on professional and personnel experience is that I might have Shingles. That will not stop me attempting Transiowa, but the symptoms of tiredness, headaches, some abdominal pain, and the type of pain match what I have had the last 10 days. The rashes have not started yet. Not ideal TI prep.

This reminds me of B. Rabbit in 8 Mile(warning: link has vulgarity). He had everything going against him for his freestyle rap battle against Poppa Doc (I am a master of rapping as well); he was white, a bum, lived in a trailer with his mom, his boy Future was an Uncle Tom, his dumb friend Cheddar did shoot himself with his own gun, he did get jumped by Poppa Doc's chumps, Ray did have "relations" with his girl, but he was still standing up to the "Free World".

I am B. Rabbit. TI is my Poppa Doc. Now I have to show up and battle.


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