Wednesday, April 15, 2009

2 days in a row?

Just going to type random crap...

I am sick. Zicom, vitamins, water; all down the gullet. Healthy for this weekend?

Last year, I thought about trying to upgrade to semi-pro. Do I deserve it? I would argue no, but I had some results in enduro races that may have made the difference. Only reason for me to upgrade would so I could say I was semi pro, no other reason. Well, this year USA Cycling changed the categories and all semi pros got upgraded to pro. That would have been funny to say I was pro, but then people would expect something of me at races. I would only disappoint.


Another pic of the hard tail for this year.

Some pet peeves:
-People that are too lazy to put their shopping carts in the corral in the parking lot. It is four feet away, walk your butt the distance.
-Cigarette smoke. I don't care if you smoke, I just don't want to breath it in.
-Buying bred dogs when so many great dogs are put to sleep each day in pounds.
-When people don't confront obvious problems.
-When racers yell at others because someone held them up for 2 additional seconds. Dude, chill out. Your sponsor will still give you 10% off your next purchase no matter how you finish and you are a mid pack sport rider that will never see a paycheck from racing.
-When people listen to the media. Because of them this recession is far worse off (my opinion). Why? All the talk about now is how we are all broke and have to cut back or die. They are there to get ratings and the best way to do that is scare tactics.
-People that physically or sexually abuse another living creature. I have never punched someone in the face, but could easily break that streak with someone like that.
-People that own several dogs, that sit in a kennel outside all year.
-You getting paid to work when most of your time is spent surfing blogs.

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