Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Long time no bloggy. New post, in sections.

Going on the Rag:
My first race is this weekend. The Ragnarok should be interesting as in the fact it is 105 miles of gravel. I am confident of my ability to finish it, but curious as how I stack up physically. This is significantly different in physical demand and strategy compared to my experiences in 12 hour races.

Getting Dirty:
I have been out on one of my Paragon now a couple of times (the working man's Superfly). First was a group road ride and then off road a few times. I still have to transform the Rig from winter beater to single speed beast. Also, the Hi-Fi is in need of some loving to get that fully functional as well. Just too busy. So far, I LOVE THIS BIKE, no fooling.

Going well, feeling strong. In fact, the strongest I have ever felt for this time of year. How I feel and how I race could be 2 very different things.

Review- Rhythm Pro Wheels:
I thought I would post up a review of the wheels I am running this year. At only 60 grams heavier than the Race X-Lites(1800 grams total), my Rhythm Pros are the bizzle my nizzle. I tried these wheels out on a 26 inch bike and it made it ride so much better that I decided to roll them on my big wheels. A 28mm instead of 24mm wide rim allows me to run 10 psi lower tire pressure without tire squirm and give the tire more volume ( I am running around 20 psi now). The bearings are probably the smoothest I have ever felt. They could go on for days. Super easy to set up tubeless with just a pump. The first couple of rides I would keep letting air out until I could feel the rim make contact with the ground. Add a couple of psi and it is go time. I notice NO additional weight, but immense ride performance gain. Better traction, nice and stiff, fast acceleration, and the ability to forget about the smaller undulations in the trail when riding, especially standing, make these wheels my all time favorite. In fact, I am not converting my Fox shock to 100mm because I feel I don't need it anymore. I can not say enough good things about converting to the wider rim. I have ridden lighter wheels, and would never go back, too much lost in ride quality.

These wheels make me faster.

The wife is sick, baby is sick, and I am hoping I don't get it. I have a race this weekend remember?

The Office:
I was at the cabin enjoying the Northwoods Thursday thru Monday. I missed The Office, but we watched both episodes last night. I understand the need to develop a storyline for the ongoing shows, but I wish they would concentrate on making it funny again. One word to describe the last several shows, disappointing.

You should get back to it.

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