Thursday, April 23, 2009

Gonna hang with the Iowegians

Next stop on the Charly Tri midwestern tour. This has always been one of my favorite races (raced it 7 or 8 times) of the year and I have been disappointed by not being able to attend for a long while. Fun course, fun crowds, great organisors, and big food spread after! Then the week after is this.

Those trails have changed a lot since I rode them last several years ago. I got to witness that after trashing around down there for a couple of hours the day after the Rök w/Kuske (a favorite for the win if you ask me). Yeah I did. It wasn't too bad except for the steeper climbs, but I was definitely hurting some. The double header left me a little tired for a couple of days. What does not kill you....

Sometimes, we all need a nap.

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