Monday, December 15, 2008

We're back.

Well, I cannot find the camera, so no pics right now.

This was an interesting trip thanks to the weather. Our plan was to go up Friday and be back Sunday with some snoesheoing in between. Saturday we got out on the new snowshoes despite the the fact there was not a lot of snow. Abi was strapped to my chest for the full 2 hours out on the Esker Trail (right behind the house). A stop into Hayward for some gifts, candy, and wine and we were back home again.

Sunday we woke up to the heavens unleashing huge amounts of snow. The weather predictions had us on the outer edge of the system coming through, but those were only predictions. We packed up and headed into town for breakfast at The Brick House (super good). We got the internet fired up and found out that the storm reached much of our driving area. That combined with the fact I think there is one snowplow shared between 3 counties had us back at the cabin for another night. I got to go out for a few hours by myself after the 8-10" fell and it was awesome. I found an old ski trial to walk on behind the cabin and the snow and ice that fell made for some amazing sites.

Monday had the outside thermostate reading -20 degrees. Ouch. It took forever for me to clear the car off because of the snow, ice, and temps. We waited awhile for it to warm up and headed out in shorts and and a t-shirt with the balmy -8 degree weather. We passed many digital signs and all read in the negatives for temps.

Now we are home, safe and sound. And I have to go back to work.

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