Thursday, December 04, 2008


So my 2008 season did not go as well as planned despite a great winter training period. I had problems with...

1. My knee. I crashed in the spring causing damage and swelling in my knee.
Result was I did not start Transiowa and the Ragnarok 105 (both high priorities for me). Also, my season got off to a very slow start as I had no top end.

2. My tailbone. A pulled cleat during a sprint caused a painful collision between my tailbone and seat tip. It was fine on the road, but off-road was another story as I found out when I DNF'd at Afton Alps.

3. The heat. I suffered heat exhaustion at a 12 hour race in Lacrosse and a 24 hour race a few weeks later in Iowa (both high priorities for me). I consider those DNF's even though I technically was not.

4. The rain. The 12 hours of the metro was cancelled at the start because of rain (this was a high priority for me).

5. My back. 24 hours of nine mile stopped short when my back went haywire (a high priority race for me). I have had problems with it the last couple of years. I have a PT program now thanks to my buddy Jon in sports med. It should be all good next year.

So that adds up to 7, yes 7, races that went bad for me.

I am determined to make 2009 my revenge year. First stop, Transiowa.


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