Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Let it snow.

A winter weather advisory here left the outside with falling snow and poor visibility. I didn't feel like getting hit by a car, so it was off to the YMCA . Yeah, talking about the YMCA. They have everything that you need to enjoy. You can hang out with all the boys (and girls).

Two hours on one of their ellipticals. "What? 30 minute limit? Sorry, I can't hear you with my I Pod in.", and then I would just look back at the TV's. No, it wasn't quite like that, but close a couple of times. There was hardly anybody there anywho.

I can't wait for the Temps by the way. What are the Temps, you ask? They are the people who decide to get in shape in the new year and they invadfe the gyms starting January 1st. Usually they are decked out in their new workout gear and music, after having just done their hair and make up. They spend 5 minutes trying to figure out whatever machine they got on, and then they'll ride it extremely easy or hard. By the end of January they will start to really miss there couches and they go missing from the gym for another 11 months. Gotta love the temps.

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Anonymous said...

That winter weather advisory must have slowed down internet travel as well. That post took an entire day to show up.