Saturday, December 27, 2008

Very little time to blog.

Alright, so I have been busy lately. Christmases at 2 different families, a bunch of driving, a newborn, and trying to get workouts in has left little time to blog. Here is a quick recap of the last couple of days.

Thursday- we drove home an celebrated with my family.

Friday- I taught spinning for an hour and then hit up the elliptical for a little over an hour. Date with my wife at home.

Today was 3 hour ride outside and the in-laws got in town. Tomorrow is Abi's baptism.

Gotta go.


J-No said...

Where did you ride today? I did 2:45. It started off pretty cold.

Anonymous said...

What makes you believe and innocent child requires baptism?

Anonymous said...

You are working out a LOT. Hopefully the benefits will be visible soon. Seriously. ;)

Charly Tri said...

J-no, see above.

Anon #1 There is a God and if you don't believe that that is too bad. Oh, and she isn't all innocent.

Erin- Right back at ya! :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, there is a god. Why would a just and loving god condemn a child who is not baptized? Are they truly accountable? Does a baby sin and thus require redemption through baptism, can the infant repent? Just questions?

J-No said...

What is truly a sin is posting on your blog and then back timing it to follow through on a promise to your loyal readers.

Emily Selvister said...

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