Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Nine below windchill
Ice base, four inches of fluff
Rims turn in the dark

Middle ring is hard
Small out of hibernation
Spin it to win it

Kuske's studs are studs
Traction great for the homemades
I ain't complaining


The Sixty Niner
Rode it hard, that's what she said
It's off to Bozeman


Anonymous said...

Oh snap. I am pretty sure that you missed a day in the marathon. The hiuku posting says thursday and the some pics posting says Tuesday.


Charly Tri said...


I am not sure you are reading right. It says Wednesday, December 17, 2008. Maybe you are getting me confused with another blog since you read so many at work there? It clearly references our ride last night, I obviously wrote it last night.

You say I did not post yesterday. Well, the doctors said Lance Armstrong would probably not survive cancer. He went on to win 7 maybe 8 Tour De Frances. So I ask the one other reader here, who is right?