Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bike round up, slight rant.

So my bike stable is mostly in a state of disrepair. This is the canabalized snow bike, 9:ZERO:7. My time on fat bikes has not been great, but compared to the Pugsley I rode for awhile this is a rocket ship! You see it pictured with my modded 29'er rear wheel and the Flattop 80 rimmed wheel on the front. 9:ZERO:7 has a new frame design that looks to be even better, and I am lucky enough to have my name on one of the new frames coming in! I am not sure the fate of this frame (and possibly fork), but looks like it may be up for sale soon.

Here hangs the Superfly 100 all dished out with XX. It is crazy fast on mountain bike trails. This bike will be for sale soon as I make way for next year's model. This bike blows me away with it's awesomeness.

This is the beater bike; a repainted GF rig. I need to work some on the front wheel, so a Race X-lite was brought into service. When I say beater bike I truly mean it. If this bike were a child, social services would have it in a foster home by now. This is actually the only bike I can literally hop on and ride without any work at this moment.

This is the newest bike to the clan. The carbon Cronus Cx is redonkerously fast. I hope to regain my former glory at Ragnarok on this beast, while taking a stab at Transiowa. Thanks to a stick at the practice cross race it now waits for a new der hanger, rear der, chain, and wheel true.

I am a fan of not acquiring bike after bike, so usually when I buy a new bike an old bike has seen a new home. In all reality, this is the only way I can afford to get nice bikes.

Now, the new 2012 stuff is being test ridden in Las Vegas. It takes me a good hour of fiddling with most bikes before I really start getting it dialed for me and noticing the benefits/drawbacks. The "test loop" our faithful reporters are riding is a washed down, rolling, 20 minute test loop (1/4 on the gravel road climb). Bootleg canyon has a ton of fun trail, but the test loop is certainly not one of them. I had the opportunity to get led around some of the great trail there by MN's bad boy of mountain biking. The good trails take significantly longer, thus, these editors ride the test loop (plus that is where the demo area tells you to ride).



Unknown said...

Your rims have holes in them. What's up with that, yo? Can you put some sort of smiley face in there. Maybe a blinky light.

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