Thursday, September 22, 2011

Is that a bird? A plane?

No, it is the Cold Avenger! Alright, so I am not the biggest fan of body wrecking asthma attacks. After last year's Arrowhead attack I set out looking a fix. I think I have found it. I have purchased the Cold Avenger last year soon after the race and then used it in 2 subsequent shorter, but much more intense events. After my agent sifted through all the endorsement deals that are brought forward, we decided this would be a great product to put my name behind (sorry Nike).

Here is my conclusion. This thing works! I started using it just as an experiment, not expecting much. I read online that it seems to be the mask with the least resistance to the constant inhaling and exhaling. There is an adjustable yellow thingy inside that determines how much warm air and humidity is captured. Looking for the least resistance and to play with the "settings" I actually removed the yellow thingy (one of the options). Boy was this mask nice. I felt no resistance to breathing except for when I would be totally red lined. At that point I could feel resistance as I exhaled, but not inhaled (Bill Clinton, are you reading this?). The 2 races I used it for, Hillside and the Decorah World's, went swimmingly. The mask only came off for the hardest of efforts, and that was simply pushing it down below my face. The air I was breathing was noticeably warmer and more humid, JUST WHAT I WANTED!

I purchased this mask in desperation assuming I would use it on the coldest of days. After experimentation, I found it is a definite benefit whenever it is cold. Soooo, it will get use whenever the temps dip below 30F. I would recommend this mask for anyone out in the cold, not just those with breathing problems. It really does work that well.

They now sent me all 3 models to play with; the Classic (what I already had), the Pro (nicer version of the classic), and the Balaclava. I will get to be testing more soon, and I couldn't be happier. BTW, the balaclava fits nicely and seems gangsta warm. All 3 seem very well put together and very durable

Not proof enough? Read more here. Overview of products here. People use these masks for many different purposes in the cold, and I can see why.

The crazy warm "balaclava".

The high end "pro". I am guessing I will be using this a lot.

The "classic".

The inside with the yellow "thingy". To gain more warmth and moisture you turn the yellow do hicky, but that in turn increases resistance I assume.

You got it? Good.


Mark B said...

You can dress it up. But if it looks like, smells like and walks like a DB. It is most likely a DB. I miss you!!!! ODB

Ari said...

Hi, I was wondering how the mask does with goggles or glasses. Does it fog them up. I also have asthma and the cold sometimes bothers me. I guess the dry air messes me up. I would like to hear your thoughts on that.
thanks for the post,
Ari Andonopoulos

Charly Tri said...

I don't really use eye protection, so I can't give you a definitive answer. I have read it works well. There is also a nose pad that you can put in to help with fit if needed and it doubles as a way to prevent glasses from fogging up. I have not used said nose pad yet.

Funny thing, I remember after the Decorah race I think I was the only one not hacking up a long when we got into the warm air.