Thursday, September 15, 2011

I wish I was done.

Well, I thought my update I sent out yesterday worked, but I guess not. So here it is again, predated.

So my projects have been time consuming, here is a picture giving a better scope of the work done.

The entire house was painted beige when we moved in, now the dining room that you see is a slate blue (with some extra patching that will be painted soon), kitchen is "fun yellow". This is the only area I had help, thanks Dad!

There is no window to the outside in the kitchen, but a large set of windows in the dining room. I cut the hole you see here in the wall (and then sheet rocked/mudded) and installed a concrete countertop. This added counter space and lets in a lot of light from the dining room window. If not for the return vent going up through the wall, I would have made this opening bigger.

The kitchen got the concrete countertops as well (replacing the beige laminate counter tops), plus a magnetic steel back splash (replacing the beige tile). The dishwasher holds Abi's magnetic letters and dinos.

The dining room in the foreground had beige carpet. I am not sure why people thought carpet in a dining room was a good idea, but I ripped it out and installed slate tile. I need to reinstall the trim and grout at this moment.

Now, all of these improvements have been done on the cheap. The slate tile was a craigslist find. The countertops are relatively inexpensive when you do them yourself. I think total I have a little over a grand invested in all this. Considering hiring someone just for the counters or the floor would have gone well over that and there is less beige in my house, it was well worth it. The rest of the house is still beige, as well as the tile at the front and back door. I have just enough tile to do the rear entrance and plans to paint more of the house.

And since this blog is mainly about bikes, I should add something bike related. How about a prediction? will include at least one Salsa product as there best in show recap. Not exactly a wild guess with that site though....



J-No said...

Cool. Got any more pics of the backsplash? I should just come by and check it out.

Charly Tri said...

You can check my pic from a few posts ago. The back splash looks better when you are not up close like in the picture.

Yes, you should come over. We can talk all about what products we can design for fat bikes. I am thinking a belt driven, fixed gear, drop bar, aero, gravel grinding, fat tired machine.

rideonpurpose said...

you sure they won't only pick salsa products?

Charly Tri said...

Traditionally there will be several "best in shows". At least one will be from Salsa, and some from a few other companies. Granted, a great company, but loved a little too much by the writers of that site.

Charly Tri said...

Oh, I got you. You are saying ALL the best in shows will be from Salsa. Well, I would say no, because you can't make your true love too obvious. I am waiting for the day when he gets a job with said company and we will all be so "surprised".