Monday, September 12, 2011

Post a thon

Sometimes a person just needs to get back into old habits, and for me that is getting out the good word of me. Soooo, what do you think about a post a day for the rest of the month?

Anyways, I have been a busy beaver. I am in full time stay at home dad mode for the school year. In between fixing pb&j's, "playing", walks, etc I have been working on the new house. As a reminder we bought a foreclosed property not too long ago and I set about with projects. It is bad enough that Abi asks, "Dad, are you doing projects?".

So this is a taste of some of my work lately...

You are looking at a poured in place concrete countertop, steel back splash, and new faucet. All of this I did myself, none of it had I done before. I still need to caulk the base of the back splash, and yes, that is a gel flask holding dish soap.

BTW, for now.

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