Monday, December 14, 2009

So it starts.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. We got a butt load of snow. Finally got to test out the snow wheels on the snowmobile trails. Met up with J-No at 5am Sat for 3 hours of Douglas trail riding. Snow was not ideal, but we did well. One thing I found is that his 26X3.7" tires on 70 mm rims have better float than my 29X2.5 tires on 47mm rims, but not a lot better. It was 7 degrees with a -10 windchill at the start and 9 degrees with a -3 windchill when done. Only taking in 350 calories caught up to me in the last 1/2 hour as I knew it would. I think I do stuff like that to see what my body will tolerate.

Oh, the bike still does not have gears on it so I was pushing some very low rpm's on the trails with my gearing. Legs were begging for lower gears to spin in the last hour.



Anonymous said...

"29X2.5 tires on 47mm rims" Should be a perfect set-up for the AH 135 Trail unless we get hit with fresh snow during the race...Looking forward to seeing you guyz...

ps I just had my genitalia removed to prevent the inevitable I cut aboout 17 lbs off my race kit.

J-No said...

I was going to have my genitalia removed as well. Unfortunately the U of M large animal surgery center does not have any openings until mid feb.

Charly was going to have his done, but his wife keeps them in her purse.

I'm holding steady at 10 hrs/week. The rest of my gear should be here this week. We will be up there Sat evening.