Monday, December 28, 2009

Making the world happy one driver at a time.

Looks like J-No and I are famous. It amazes me that not only did we ride for 7 hours on snowmobile trails, but we blocked traffic on a bridge in LaCrosse, made skiers mad because we rutted out the Douglas trail which has never been intended to be a ski trail, caused headaches on 2nd St in Rochester by riding on a 4 lane city street, and disturbed a man that is insecure about his sexuality because he saw us in our "leotards" while he was driving this summer.

Extreme Ride Club; pissing off the world one grumpy person at a time.



Anonymous said...

The ERC no doubt follows a long line of second-tier psuedo-covert organizations modeled loosely on what the "public" thinks it knows of the DBD...Yet, a man living in the southern latitudes must try as best he can and for that I commend you...Beware of the Alaskans bearing gifts at the Arrowhead 135..Does the ERC requires its people to carry revolvers? FYI: Should you win the Arrowhead, clearly you would become a person-of-interest to the DBD...Same goes for your man, Mr. Novak.

Best regards,
Ernest Shackleton
PR Director for the DBD

Brian D said...

7 hours to go to Pine Island and back. Wow. That is some massive rolling resistance.

With speeds so low and with the issue of snow packing in your gears, I wonder if a really low geared single speed would be a better option. I can't imagine you were shifting a lot during this ride.

J-No said...

I had 35 miles in those 7 hours.

Good point on the SS. Last year I ran a 32x20 in the same conditions. It was only for a couple of hours at a time, and a different bike, but it seemed to work out well.

Charly Tri said...

Ernest- Part of what makes us tougher than the DBD rides is our mental fortitude. For instance, we don't need revolvers as we are able to stop our own hearts with our minds. Our rides started without concerns for others, especially the DBD rides. We only recognize that there are like minds out there. We could all be under the same umbrella of "people that do stupid things".

Brian D-It had snowed the night before and those bastards on the sleds didn't come out and groom the trail, so the trail was super slow. The middle ring was really worn, and I didn't have it skip until the snow packed in. My last ride I could get it to skip under harder pressure without snow. So the problem was the ring was really worn and the snow was wet and sticky (that's what she said).

J-No- We're famous, yo!!! As if the ladies throwing themselves at us wasn't a problem already!! I am going to try out for the celebrity apprentice now.

shebi said...

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