Sunday, December 27, 2009

Extreme Ride Club

Farrow has the DBD rides, I realized J-No and I have always called ours Extreme Ride Club. There is a story, but I can't talk about it, right Maury? This would be ride #5 or so this year.

As alluded to before in the comments area, J-No and I had plans Christmas Eve. I was up at 4am, out the door at 4:30 on the Rig. We proceeded to set tracks in the 3 inches of wet snow left the night before. Up the snowmobile portion of the Douglas trail was slow going. The temp was high which led to squishy snow with rutted out slightly harder snow underneath. My front wheel got kicked around while J-No was able to keep his Puglsey a little more straight. We both would end up tipping over at least once (I forgot the camera).

Gears finally adorned the bike but 1/4 the way through the combination of the worn middle chain ring from last year and packed snow suddenly made chain engagement impossible. The rest of the way would be big ringed. You would expect nothing less, no?

I finished up with 7 hours bike time for the day. A quick nap and it was party time at the folks. Presents, food, and freestyle rapping are all part of the tradition.

Christmas day was presents at our house. Santa had a high opinion of me this year. Let's just say that I am now too good to ride alloy rims on my mountain bike. Blingy. Pictures to come soon.

Hope all is Merry and bright, blah, blah, blah.


rideonpurpose said...

The ERC eh? Those are the fool committee members who plan the Christmas party and bake-sales and the like at work...

Charly Tri said...

Don't know what the ERC is, but we had decided the X-RC. It is an off shoot of ride club. Both of which I can't talk about. Them's the rules.

J-No said...

Good ride. I'm looking forward to others. I'm hoping for 3 more 5-7 hour rides, but we will see. Next time we will evade the paparazzi. Only 3 weeks of training left, I'm starting to get nervous. Slow and steady, and I can make it through this thing.

Next up: Monster gravel.

PS-My Christmas party is pretty fun at work. 2 years ago I got second place in the tattoo contest (it was rigged)

rideonpurpose said...

x-rc changes everything, now I'm just jealous