Saturday, May 02, 2009

TI short version.

Start at 4am.
Flat tire at 30 miles.
-Chase back, catch back on at checkpoint at mile 40.
-Four of us off the front from there(including Charlie Farrow and Gorilla?)
-About mile 53 rear derailleur explodes and dangles by the cable.
-Seriously, we were just riding along, I was not shifting at the time.
-Spend a looooonnnngggg time trying to get my bike working single speed, but it refuses to stay in gear for more than 5 revolutions. Chain jams, have to remove the wheel.
-Splice the chain, add links, splice the chain, try try try to get it going.
-No possible way to get the bike working.
-Limp back very slowly to the start.
-Call the family, Dad decides to come pick me up (came down with friends).
-I am know in MN again hanging with the family including Sam from Maine!
-Brian D. had to drop as well. J-No is still riding strong at mile 150 last I heard.
-Iowa is boring. Wish the course was more like Ragnarok. May not be back next year for that reason.
-Ride strong Charlie and J-No, ride strong.


mctriguy said...

Dude was listening to radio looking for you wondering what happened. Sounds like a cool race though, maybe next year I'll do it if my BFF doesn't want to do a try to something or if I'm not in the big city.

J-No said...


Although there were not monster climbs, the last 100 of TI was pretty challenging. 6-8 mile stretches of big rollers spaced far enough apart as to not carry momentum. Compound it by happening in the middle of the night and after riding for 230 hours.

Give my best to the fam.