Friday, May 15, 2009

Things that are making me think.

This guy makes me think.

Why is it that I am opt to ride my bike at stupid long lengths, but look for the closest parking spot at Target?

I saw a sticker on a washroom mirror about employees having to wash their hands. Why is the sticker there? If they are at the sink where they can see the sticker, then they probably are washing their hands. The sticker should be above the urinal to remind the morons to wash up after doing their business.

Why are so many mountain bikers so infatuated with beer? Yeah, you may like to drink it and yeah, it makes your girlfriend look better, but it is just a drink. Why couldn't people get just as excited to go home and have a glass of milk?

How will my body do at the 12 Hours of the Northern Kettles?

Looks like I may not be racing the Iowa 24 hour race and instead tackling 24 Hours at Afton.

I saw a guy stop his car in the middle of a busy parking lot for 20 seconds so he could watch a good looking girl put groceries in the trunk in her car. I wanted to punch the guy for being such a toolbag.

Why does NPR have a membership drive 6 months of the year? They get corporate money, government money, and public money. Private radio stations are jealous of the technology that NPR is able to spend money on. I say open it up to commercials and let the free market take hold.

Why does NPR say they are unbiased when they are not? I have heard several news reports on liberal topics that only show the liberal side. They will interview several people that support their view. The tone of the questions are something like, "Why do we not have tougher gun laws yet?". My favorite was, "How can you be in the republican party and support gay marriage? They are so vile.". For the record I consider myself more of an independent. The handling of Bill O'reilly and Al Franken a couple of years back is a classic example as well.

I need to start "training" again. Lately all I have wanted to do is goof off on my Hi Fi, easily my favorite bike I have ever ridden.

The neighbor's dogs are annoying. They'll bark and bark at my dog while she chews on sticks in the back yard.

I hope I finally found the trick to get grass to grow in my front yard.

It finally happened. Someone got yelled at by their boss for reading my blog (see comments on previous post). I feel like I accomplished something with that.

How much does your company pay you a year while you are surfing blogs?


Mario said...

What's making me think, is 'why are you listening to NPR???'

Charly Tri said...

I like to listen to talk radio and news in the car. My reception sucks and NPR comes in the best. now that my antenna broke the other day it is the only talk station I can get. Right during their pledge drive. When at the shop I never listen to it.

Jlundo said...

I don't get paid to read blogs at work, but that's only cause anything is blocked.

Charly Tri said...

Hey Justin,

You are on "my list" of guys to introduce myself to the next time we race. When I get to those races I realized I need to get to know everyone better. I try not to be anti social, I just do a bad job of remembering faces to go with names.

Ben Welnak said...

Things that make me think: why did you sit and watch the guy watching the girl? Isn't that the same thing - he just had a better view? :)

I'm also a non-work reader.

Charly Tri said...

I was walking through the parking lot and the guy stopped right in by me and I walked by his car. It took me awhile to figure out why he just stopped and what he was staring at.

Thanks for reading my useless ramblings.

Anonymous said...

So who do you think does a better job than NPR in terms of the news and being relatively unbiased?

J-No said...


I thought the girl might need help with her groceries.

If you can pee without touching yourself, do you still need to wash?

I like beer, but don't really talk about it that much. I don't like milk. I don't mountain bike either.

I don't listen to NPR.

I check the internet when at lunch, but not when on the job. Not safe to do so.

Why the switch to Afton?

I think the key to grass growth is regular water.

Charly Tri said...

Just got back from the weekend. To answer some questions from before. Afton worked out better for the family, it is a larger race, I like the course better, it is closer, ends on Saturday not Sunday, and I would have more fun. Also, I listen to everything I can with talk radio, liberal and conservative. Everyone has there bias, but NPR definitely has a liberal slant and I don't need them telling me that the reason that I should give them money is because they are unbiased. They just don't want to admit it to themselves.

Richard said...

Nice work at the Cable Classic!

Ben Moore said...

Is this a bike blog or a forum for bashing liberals? Keep it to bike racing. Socialism forever!!!!

Charly Tri said...

Who's Ben Moore? I have heard of Brendan. He is really fast. Any relation?