Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Notes from the desk of Jo Mama

The weather warmed up some and do you know what that means? Everyone brings their bike in for a tune-up.... at the same time. It is really interesting to see these people flock in like geese flying back North from the winter. They bring in bikes with deflated tires and dusty frames asking us to "grease" them up.

Although I have only gotten one so far, my favorite are the ones that "need" them back the next day. If they "needed" them back so bad they should have brought them in a week ago when we had nothing to do. Now you can't put air into a tube without 2 bikes rolling in for repairs.

It will be nice when Ben gets back from school to help. Assuming he is still alive. He started off a blog with a bang...3 months ago. Yeah, he is updating that thing like a mad man! You hear me Ben? Get off your butt and give me something to read. If you have time, go there and put a comment down to that effect. I just did. Use derrogatory names if needed.

Other than bitching about bikes and people I have been riding them. Outside even! Yesterday was intervals on the Paragon. Today it is a fun ride with J-No on the Madone. I bought the third duplex from J-No. His basement leaks. I am going to try to put the hurt on him this morning as payback. That will show him!

Today's odd picture.

I think he might be going to work. You?

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Unknown said...

for some reason i think it an attempt at a ref. to Slaughterhouse Five, the red shoes and warzone are waht give it away.