Thursday, March 22, 2007

Netflix rocks.

Went to a movie this weekend with the Baby's Momma. Usually we watch movies from Netflix at home, but she really wanted to see Sandra Bullock's husband die. Just to give a background, my woman has a minor in Special Education and has worked at an Easter Seals Camp. She has extensive experiance with those that are mentally and physically disabled.

At this movie there were 2 gentleman in wheel chairs that were making a large amount of noise. They had 2 people there to help them, but they did nothing. According to Becky, they were more interested in watching the movie. After 30 minutes of this very loud yelling and moaning, a manager came in to observe. At the appearance of the manager the 2 people in wheel chairs were quiet. All of a sudden the 2 in charge were doing their job and there was silence. Well, the manager disappeared from view (but not from the room) and the noise started again. This time he asked them to leave. The 2 teenage helpers could barely peal themselves from watching the movie as they left. It is too bad that those who are less abled are often cared for by people who don't care (I have seen this more than once).

Then a group of ladies sat down in front of us. One of them was wearing enough purfume to knock out a horse. On top of that, it seems that all of the teenagers like to sit in the front rows and text their friends during the entire movie. I counted at least 4 that were constantly texting. You can't help but notice the bright light emitted in those dark theatres.

So as far as my senses go, I was distracted by sight, smell, and hearing. Too bad I didn't get some stale popcorn and had some butthead kicking my chair.

Thank God for Netflix. They kick ass. No late fees, don't have to leave the house, and free of buttheads.
Gonna go do some tempo intervals now. What are you doing?

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