Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Let's go for a ride.

I had a chance to get off work early and with the sun out I could hear the Paragon calling, "Charly, come ride me". Then I heard another voice say, "that's what she said". Oh well, I suited up and headed out. Sunny and about 20 degrees.

Oh, was the Paragon excited!

Headed out on the pavement. I hit many hills, but concentrated on keeping the effort low on the ascents.

Headed out on some gravel. I got the lobster gloves in the pic as well. We in the blogging business call this a two for one shot. If you think that is lame then you are in fact lame.

I brought a Y-wrench and made small adjustments to my positioning while out. Here I just pointed the nose down a touch on the seat. Then I took a blurry picture. Then I put it on the blog, and now you are looking at my blurry picture.

I tried to ride the Mayowood trails. There was a packed trail, but it was only 5 inches wide (yes I went back and measured with a ruler). If you even thought of letting the tire off of the trail this is what you got. It was damn near impossible to stay on the trail.

This is a super expensive home (I should know, I own it and rent it to these people). I was told the lots (yes lots) used to build it on were around $500,000. They even have their own underground garage.

This is the crappy job of snow removal there was on the street in front of that house. I thought it ironic.


It was 2+ hours of fun (that's what she said). Now they both sleep.

This ride was brought to you today by toe warmers. With their adhesive back and warming radiance, my tootsies were toasty.

I am going to bed now, then going to work.

Don't you have to work??

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