Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Back to work

So yesterday marked my return to the bike shop as the wife was done with school. One goal this year is to ride more to work instead of thinking of bad excuses as to not or just resorting to laziness. Back at Frostbike I won this Timbuk 2 Medio commuting bag. I figured it was over kill. Day 2 back to work and I am stretching the limits with breakfast, lunch, nalgene, gear to teach Spinning in the morning, gear for the Tuesday night mountain bike hot lap, gear for work, u-lock, etc all stuffed neatly inside. Initially I didn't think it would hold much, but the bag kept expanding as I loaded the thing up. There are a ton of well sized and placed pockets all over this thing and the construction is far better than I would have guessed. Much of the bag seems waterproof and the thick shoulder straps almost feel better with all the weight (odd). I always thought these types of bags were hype, but I got to say this one is worth the price of admission from everything I can tell (for you as I got mine free sucker!).


Ben said...

Do you wear shorty shorts for spin class?!

Charly Tri said...

Oh yeah! Would you like a picture?