Wednesday, June 05, 2013

A jem, flem, and when?

So as you may expect, I am inundated with requests by companies to ride their products or simply mention them in a blog post.  There is no way I can sift through all the offers, so that is why I have an agent.  Well, I have been a fan of the 1x10 gearing for awhile, but I have not been fond of the current crop of chain guide systems designed for XC use.  Then I see news of Wolf Tooth and their drop stop chainrings.  "Perfect" I thought, I should call my agent and work out a big sponsorship deal.  Well, before I could find my phone in the stacks of money from other sponsors, it started thumping my "My Humps" ringtone.  On the other end was my agent with the newest crop of anxious potential sponsors.  Lo and behold, Wolftooth was mentioned. 

I ride, my bike gets dirty.

Well, after the deposit of the usual amount to my Swiss bank account I got my chain ring and proceeded to thrash it as best I could to prove it was worthy of the Charly stamp of awesomeness.  I now have several races, plus hours and hours of bashing  including slamming the thing into downed logs as I got my trusty Proto up and over.  I have this to report...nothing.  With my X9 clutch derailleur I cannot get the chain to move off the chain ring unintentionally.  The product just plain works.  After many frustrating moments with my MRP and other systems, I am super happy that I cannot not only ride with confidence in my drive train, but I can now remodel my guest house with the checks that are now rolling in.  So, if you want a 1x system without shelling out the Sram XX1 costs, I highly recommend taking your business to Wolf Tooth.  Also, I am excited for their future products that are to come out, but we'll have to wait for those....

This last 10 days I have been extruding gallons of glop out of my nose and lungs.  I think I am dealing with allergies, and some days are definitely worse than others.  No matter, my rides have suffered.

Also, is it premature for me to hope that my name will be added to this list?  I mean, can I expect people to already be dropping out so that I am no longer wait listed?

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is this what you broke tonight?