Thursday, June 06, 2013

Sniffle, sniffle. I want more trails to ride in Rochester.

 It is common for those in Rochester to whine about the lack of trails(me included), wishing there was more than Eastwood.  Well, it doesn't happen by magic, but instead by putting boots on the ground.  Here is your opportunity to help.

From Matt Kurke:

I will be coordinating a trailwork session at Gamehaven this Friday evening. I know it’s not the best day for it but it was the only time that worked with my work schedule and didn’t look like rain this week. We will only work for about 2 hours. The work will mostly consist of completely clearing the trail that was rough cut last fall so that the ditch witch can be used in shaping. So we will be pulling out stumps and further clearing overhang and undergrowth. If you have a chain saw and know how to use it please bring it along. Otherwise axe’s and loppers will be the tools to use. I will have some tools with me as well. Meeting in the scout parking lot. Bring gloves and water with as well. Any questions please email me @ If you know anyone interested please pass on this info and have them email me to be added to the contact list. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Just saw this message, so missed the get-together.

What is the relationship with the camp and RASC/Rochester cyclists? A previous relationship with a previous third party didn't work so well... how do we make sure that doesn't happen again?

Charly Tri said...

I am not in on exact details, but the land is primarily city owned. Gamehaven loves the idea of us out there as it only enhances what they already do. I do believe there is a signed contract and the city itself is chipping in a good chunk of money as well. There are big plans on the ski side. This is a strong relationship and is not subject to the decisions of one man like out at Steeplechase.

With the awesome lake out there, stonger partnership, and closer proximity to Rochester I think this will end up putting Steeplechase to shame.